structural and molecular virology

Molecular virology mainly refers to the study of the virus at the molecular level in the microbial, plant and animal cells By using different analyses of genes and gene products of viruses and study their interactions of these host cells and viruses. Structural Virology is that f -replicating organisms. Even though individually viruses are rather simple, as a gaggle they're exceptionally diverse in both replication strategies and structures. Many viruses are important human pathogens.

To study the virus life cycle in humans, we use various technologies like X-ray crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy. We investigate macromolecular interactions related to virus cell entry, genome replication, assembly, and maturation. Viruses are very simple enough that we will aspire to know their biology at a molecular level. Our efforts are directed towards using structural information for the event of anti-viral drugs the molecular mechanism employed by viruses to invade host cells establishes an infection and makes sure that progeny virus particles are released into the environment, all while evading the host's immune defenses. Viruses are the smallest cells and vaccines


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