Antiviral Drug Discovery and Development

New drugs have evolved the treatment of viral infections, in particular, HIV — in the past two decades, a new class of antiviral drugs known as HIV protease inhibitors revolutionized the treatment of HIV infection. Variation in drug pharmacokinetics can pose a major challenge to the optimal use of drugs for HIV in different patient populations. Antiretroviral agents are well known for their susceptibility to drug–drug interactions, a narrow therapeutic range and wide interpatient variability. Combating viral diseases with vaccines or antiviral drugs, or both, is a constant challenge. Even the successful strategies are discovered and employed, the high rate of genetic variations exhibited by many viruses, particularly RNA viruses, often enables drug resistance or vaccine escape .This is compounded by the periodic emergence of new viral pathogens. Therefore, the continued search for new antiviral approaches is a noble cause that is critical for global human health.


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